Our necklaces secure your lipstick with powerful magnets, which click securely to protect your precious cargo. Ammo is replaceable so you can bring your favourite colour with you wherever, whenever.



What’s Not To Love??!!

The necklace is so well made and stylish. Be Bold and Be Bulletproof are so beautiful and smooth. The color stays on for a long time. I love the products so much! Love them even more when I learned what I’m supporting! Such a great cause!

R Yang

Loving Bulletproof!

Recently purchased a necklace and Be Badass lipstick. I LOVE IT! The necklace is gorgeous and I always get compliments wearing it. It's super solid and well-made and looks good with everything I wear. I got the lipstick in Be Badass and it's a vibrant colour. Great cause too!

Alexandra Carter

Giving ALL women a boost - direct and indirect

Bulletproof lipstick is a win-win all around!! Not only is this product practical, carrying your high quality, gorgeous lipstick but it looks SO chic and works with any outfit! The mission behind the product goes beyond just the woman rocking her lipstick, but to help other disadvantaged women in legal need. This is something that we can all get behind and support!!

Krystal Commons

2 in 1 always wins

pretty stoked that I get to wear a statement necklace AND carry my lipstick together. I usually forget to touch up my lipstick as it's often somewhere at the bottom of my bag so my lips look sub par...but now it's easy to touch up and my lips look on point! And such a great cause as well which makes it so easy to recommend to friends. I really wish all beauty products had this strong of a WHY.

Janine Breck

The BEST lipstick on the market!

I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received since I started wearing my Bulletproof lipstick and necklace. I love this product and plan on ordering more colours. I also have to say that it feels good to know that my purchase will help a woman who might need legal counsel in getting away from an abuser. It’s a true win win!!

Amanda Wood-Cook


A portion of each purchase goes to empowering women in abusive situations by connecting them with access to legal support and resources. By empowering women with tools and confidence, we are able to reduce the occurrences of harm, violence or other abuse against women. This is the mission of our Foundation.


Bulletproof is a community of badass babes that champion and empower women to feel their most confident inside and out. Our mission is to create a shared network of kick-ass confidence.